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Deportation Lists

Karta - Indeks Represjonowanych

This invaluable database has details of many of the deported in the 1940s to Russia / Siberia.

Note that you need to include Polish characters when searching – i.e. ą, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ż, ź.

Once you’ve identified a location of deportation, you can enter the place of deportation in the search to obtain a list of all the deported to that location. This can be very helpful when searching 'memoires' of the deported.

The database is available here.

Polska Walczaca
Between 1943 and 1944, the Polska Walczaca newspaper published various lists of the deported. They contain names, addresses, birth dates etc. Each list is different and it’s worth searching each of them.
These files are very large, so will take some time to download, but can be searched once downloaded.

The list is available here

Addresses of Polish military families in the Soviet Union
Published in 1943.

Adresy Rodzin Wojskowych w ZSSR.

The list is available here

Names of Poles in Tehran, Persia
Published in 1943.
Polacy Przybywajacy w Teheranie.

The list is available here

Names of Poles evacuated from the Soviet Union
Published as supplements to 17 editions, between April and August 1943. (Includes names of children evacuated to India, in the last three pages).
Osoby wyewakuowane z ZSSR.

The list is available here

The above lists are copied from the archives of the Polish Library, POSK, Hammersmith, London, UK

Names of Military families, deported to the USSR
Spis rodzin wojskowych, wywiezionych do ZSSR.
This list, published by the Polish Ministry of Defence in 1944, is arranged alphabetically in four sections, with a fifth final section with corrections. Note also that at the end of each section, there are corrections for that section.
This list is available from The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum here. Once downloaded, it’s possible to search the list.

Lists of Polish Families (civilians) evacuated from the USSR in August 1942.
Lista ewakuowanych z ZSRR rodzin polskich w sierpniu 1942.
These lists, published by “Wiesci Polskich” are available from The Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum.
Letters A –E
Letters F –M
Note: the Archives do not hold similar volumes covering letters N - Z. It may be that they were never published.

Romer list - "Polish deportees in the USSR"
List of deported compiled in 1941 by Tadeusz Romer, the Polish ambassador to Japan. Available here.

India list
List of children evacuated to India is available here.

Africa list

List of civilians evacuated to Africa is available here

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