Kresy Family


Ryszard GRZYBOWSKI was born in Wołyń, near Równe in 1929. His older sister Helena was born in 1927, and they were followed by  Henryk in 1931, Aniela in 1933 and in 1938 by Michał.  In February 1940, the family and hundreds of thousands of other Poles were deported to Siberia.

After the amnesty in 1941, the news spread that a Polish army was being formed in the south of the USSR. Those who had the strength and by whatever means, headed south. 

Ryszard and his family made their way to Turkestan in South Kazakhstan. Their four-year-old brother Michał died on the way in Tashkent. In the Kiziol-Ziol state farm they lived in a private mud hut. Their father, Klemens,  left to join the newly-forming Polish army. Their mother with four children waited for Polish organisations to take care of her and the children. Unfortunately, no one concerned themselves with their fate. After a short time, without any support and unable to feed the children, she was forced to take the three older children to a Polish orphanage in Turkestan. Aniela was sick and could not be admitted to the orphanage and so stayed with her mother on the state farm.  The 7-year-old single was left to her fate when shortly after her mother died of typhus. Thanks to God's providence, Zbigniew, the manager of the farm who was of Polish descent, took care of the burial and Aniela. He was childless and his wife was Uzbek. However, he was soon drafted into the army. Zbigniew's wife could not show any feeling of love and gave Aniela to a Russian orphanage. In 1946, the Polish children were returned to Poland. Aniela, aged 13 was placed in an orphanage in Kwidzyń. 

In August 1941, the three siblings were evacuated from Turkestan with the Polish orphanage on the last transport leaving the USSR to Pahlevi in Persia. Later it was moved again to the camp in Valivade in the principality of Kolhapur, India. In 1945, his brother Henryk died in a tragic accident.

In 1947, Rysiek went to England with his older sister Helena to join their father, who came to Great Britain with the Polish army after the war.


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