Sadly COVID-19 has touched my family with the unexpected passing of my beloved, and last aunty Helena ŚWIERKOSZ (née  MISIURA), my mother's last sister.

Helena ŚWIERKOSZ (née MISIURA), the daughter of Zachariasz MISIURA and Helena ZHADINETS (both dec.)

was born on Friday 5 May 1933 in Rejmontówka, Kamień Koszyrski, Polesie, Poland.

12   R E C O L L E C T I O N S

Helena ŚWIERKOSZ (née Misiura) 1933-2020

Deported on Saturday 10 February 1940 with her entire family from their farm at Osada Wojskowe (Military Settlement) Rejmontówka to Ujma Slave Labour Camp in the Pierwomajski Region, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia by Soviet NKVD.

Married on Wednesday, 13 April 1955 in Wolverhampton, England to Jozef ŚWIERKOSZ (dec.)

A SYBIRAK, she passed away on Wednesday 18 November 2020 in Wolverhampton, UK  from COVID-19 and was buried Tuesday, 22 December 2020 at Penn Cemetery, Wolverhampton.
Will be fondly remembered by all of her family, kith and kin in the UK, Australia, Belarus, Poland, and the United States of America.

George Helon‎, Australia