14.   ​​​​F A M I L Y   R E S E A R C H   L I N K S

The following links provide information on how and where you can find more information regarding the communities in the Kresy, their deportation to Siberia and their journey to freedom:

Pre-WWII Records


Deportation Records

Evacuation & Refugee Records

WWII Military Records

Lists of Deceased and Cemeteries


Post-WWII Archives

Films & Photographs

Books - list of related books and films on polishexilesofww2.org


Many additional archival lists and research links are available on the Polish Exiles of WWII site

Application for the Siberian Exile Cross

Important: the person for whom the application is made must have been alive on 1st January 2004, when the award was introduced. Applications can be made for persons deceased after this date.

The necessary documents can be downloaded as follows:

Notes on how to apply, a filled in application form in Polish, a filled in application in English, and a blank application in Polish.

Kresy Family's webinars on researching deportation records

these provide useful information on using the research sources mentioned on this website

webinar 1 covers:

  • pre-war Polish records

  • maps

  • deportation records

webinar 2 covers:

  • evacuation records

  • civilian and military records

  • resettlement records