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Kresy Family group

14.   ​​​​F A M I L Y   R E S E A R C H   L I N K S

The following links provide information on how and where you can find more information regarding the communities in the Kresy, their deportation to Siberia and journey to freedom:

Pre-WWII Records


Deportation Records

Evacuation & Refugee Records

WWII Military Records

Lists of Deceased and Cemeteries


Post-WWII Archives

Films & Photographs

Books - list of related books and films on


Many additional archival lists and research links are available on the Polish Exiles of WWII site

Application for the Siberian Exile Cross - The necessary documents can be downloaded as follows:

Notes on how to apply, a filled in application form in Polish, a filled in application in English, and a blank application in Polish.

Kresy Family's webinars on researching deportation records

these provide useful information on using the research sources mentioned on this website

webinar 1 covers:

  • pre-war Polish records

  • maps

  • deportation records

webinar 2 covers:

  • evacuation records

  • civilian and military records

  • resettlement records