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Kresy Family group

1 History of Kresy

2 Invasion- Russians invade Kresy from the east

3 Deportation to Siberia - NKVD arrest and deport over 1 million

4 Life in Siberia- a struggle to survive against all the odds

5  "Amnesty"- the journey south to join the Polish Army

6 Formation of the Polish Army   in southern USSR

7 Evacuation to Persia (Iran)- limited by border closure

8 Training - transformation of refugees into a Polish Army in the Middle East

9 The Polish Armed Forces - Army, Navy and Air Force all contribute

10 Civilian Life   following departure from Siberia

11 Life after the War -  resettlement camps, the only 'reward'?

12 Recollections - survivors and their descendants tell their stories

13 Arts - poems and artwork related to Kresy and deportations

14 Family Research Links - links to sources and databases

15 About Us purpose and activities of Kresy Family and list of Management  Committee

16 Contact - Kresy Family email

17 Membership & Donations-links to PayPal Account