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Please note that some of the information in the films and videos listed below may not be historically accurate. The DVD, The Bear That Went to War does include correct information (subtitled and dubbed into Polish here). You may also find it useful to read this page for details of Wojtek's story as confirmed by some of the men who served with him. In addition, there is a publication in comic format which is available online in PolishEnglishItalian and French language versions. This was part of an eTwinning Project and was produced with the support and guidance of Professor Wojciech Narębski, who as a member of the 22nd Artillery Supply Company, witnessed Wojtek's story. This publication can be considered a reliable source of information. 

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The Bear That Went to War [59:00]
Adam Lavis DVD. 1 October 2012. ASIN B0080DIINK. Studio: Bright Spark. 

Available on Vimeo 



Wojtek the Soldier Bear – WWII [2:21]
The War Years production published on 21 February 2013.

Soldier Bear Wojtek [11:17]
Produced by the Polish Scottish Heritage Project on 12 November 2013. Features Aileen Orr, the author of the book, "Wojtek the Bear: Polish War Hero".

Wojtek the bear documentary with Polish subtitles [14:55]
Produced by Natalia Zaucha and published on 6 December 2014. Includes interviews with the members of the Edinburgh-based Wojtek Memorial Trust.

Polish Museum and Sikorski Institute archival footage [1:45]

Archival footage showing Wojtek and his army companions wrestling.

The Bear That Went To War
Published on 12 December 2015 on YouTube channel, Top Trending. Slide show of historical images with some video footage, accompanied by text.

Meet The Bear That Was Recruited Into The Polish Army And Became A Legendary War Hero [4:39]
Zoo Land production, 3 September 2018.

Animated film to spotlight bear who served in WWII [1:52]
Short news report, dated 13 January 2019, published by AFP News Agency about the Filmograf and The Illuminated Film Company animated feature, “A Bear Named Wojtek, which is currently in production.

The Heart Melting Story of Wojtek, The Soldier Bear [5:14]
Published 27 January 2019 on YouTube channel, The Story Behind. Slide show of historical images with some video footage, accompanied by text.

The Bear Who Became A Cigarette Smoking, Beer Drinking WWII Hero [7:34]
Published by Stefan Tompson on 23 February 2019. In English with Polish subtitles

The Story of Wojtek | The Polish Military Bear  [11:26]
Produced by Weird History YouTube Channel on 30 April 2020


Wojtek – The Soldier Bear [3:38]
Animated short film created by Marianna Raskin and published on 17 August 2015 as her graduation project from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel.

The Soldier Bear – Strange Stories of WW2 [2:47]
Animation for children by Daniel Turner, published on the YouTube channel, Simple History on 24 September 2017.


Inauguration Wojtek's statue - Imola [12:52]
Published by Sentieri di Pace-Paths of Peace on 12 November 2015, this video covers the events surrounding the inauguration of Wojtek’s statue in Imola, Italy in April 2015.​

Soldier Bear Wojtek – unveiling of statue at Duns [2.33]
Recording of ITV News report on 26 April 2016 covering the unveiling of Wojtek’s statue in Duns, Scotland​.

Wojtek the Soldier Bear [18:19]
Produced on The Yellow Duke’s Scotland YouTube channel on 28 January 2019. Main focus is on the statue of Wojtek in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh.



Piwko dla niedźwiedzia! 54:07
Documentary film produced by Maria Dłużewska in 2008

Miś Wojtek z armii generała Andersa [2:40]
Polska24 news report on 20 October 2010

Wojtek, niedźwiedź który poszedł na wojnę (Cały Film) [59:24]
Published on 28 September 2012 on the YouTube channel, Profesor 1978, this documentary film originally produced in English, ("The Bear That Went to War", available on DVD and listed at the top of this page) is dubbed and subtitled in Polish.

Niedźwiedź Wojtek    Wojtek the Bear
Published on 22 September 2014 by Dorota Szumilas, this is a slide show of historic photos of Wojtek accompanied by music.

Niedźwiedź Wojtek – Mobilna Filharmonia [4:53]
Published by Mobilna Filharmonia on 9 November 2015. Slide show of historic images accompanied by the popular Polish children’s song, "Niedźwiedź Wojtek".

Jak Niedźwiedź Został Żołnierzem [2:22]
Published by Teatr Dramatyczny m.st. Warszawy on 22 September 2016, this short video features Wojciech Narębski talking about his memories of Wojtek.

Kapral Wojtek - niedźwiedź w polskiej armii [5:06]
Polish video published on 2 April 2017 by Kraj bohaterów.

Wzruszająca Historia O niedźwiedziu Wojtku, Który Walczył Podczas II Wojny Światowej [4:20]
Video in Polish published on 23 July 2019 by Polish YouTube channel, Niesamowite Fakty.

Niedźwiedź Wojtek nam pomagał. Wywiad z weteranem spod Monte Casino cz.2 ppłk. Wojciech Narębski  [26:17]
A Magna Polonia production which premiered on 17 March 2020, this is an interview in Polish with Wojciech Narębski.


Niedźwiedź Wojtek [10:06]
Polish animation which premiered on IPNtvPL on 3 April 2020 from the educational series for children, ”Co by było, gdyby zwierzęta mówiły?” [What if animals could talk?], and features Wojtek as the narrator of his story.


Edynburg - Pomnik Wojtka [2:40]
Published 1 May 2017. Footage of Wojtek’s statue at Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh with some historical photographs of Wojtek included.

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