11.   L I F E   A F T E R   T H E   W A R

All of Us - Anders' people

My Wszyscy - Od Andersa

An online bilingual exhibitionfor the next generations of "people from Anders" - soldiers of the 2nd Polish Army Corps. Based on the experiences of those who remained in the British Isles, it covers initial settling, economic and professional difficulties, longing for homeland, a sense of being in a foreign culture, creating our own emigration environment - "Poland outside Poland", then finding our own place within British society and with the departure of older generations, the disappearance of a sense of Polish identity often reduced to bigos and carols.

Read about Wojtek's life in Scotland after the war  Wojtek, The bear that went to war

"To Return To Poland Or Not To Return"- The Dilemma Facing The Polish Armed Forces At The End Of The Second World War. PhD Thesis by Dr Mark Ostrowski

Family Histories
Agnieszka Borsuk (nee Lichwa)               

Danuta Maczka Gradosielska            

Edward Herzbaum               

Romuald Lipinski

Hania Kaczanowska: The Polish Soldier

Helena Kalicka

KELVEDON CAMP SNAPSHOTS by Jerry Kubica: Growing up in a Polish Resettlement camp 1947-57