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14   F A M I L Y   R E S E A R C H   L I N K S
Map Links  (see also our Maps page)

Osady, deportation routes and settlements, army locations, refugee camps
This Google map is overlaid with some Osady, routes of the deportations and key army and refugee locations in the Middle East, India and Africa, etc. Please let us know if you have any other locations that should be added to this map.

Maps of deportation settlements, army camps and refugee camps etc are located on our Maps page.

Polish maps

Mapy WIG is a fantastic site with a massive collection of detailed town and county maps.
Use the index on this page to identify the type of map required. It's worth exploring this site as it has a great number of detailed maps of Kresy and other parts of Poland.
For example t
his index provides access to large scale maps. Just click on the area that you require a map for and you will be shown a list of available maps to download.

Indexes to towns, villages and settlements

Kami.net has a very useful index of places in the Kresy

Słownik geograficzny Królestwa Polskiego is a 15 volume directory of places in the Polish Kingdom. It was published between 1880-1914 and contains pretty much every location in Greater Poland from that time. You can access the index here

Use Google or Bing Maps
www.google.com/maps               www.bing.com/maps
You can search these sites using Polish names. The satellite view shows fields and buildings. It can be worth trying both sites, as each has different details and satellite images.

Austo-Hungarian maps
This Eötvös University site has a nice collection of old Austo-Hungarian maps from the 1880s. Find the location you require here (eg 42⁰, 50⁰ for Lwów) and then go to the relevant page here for the detailed map (eg 42-50.jpg for Lwów).

Soviet Union maps - for locating places of deportation
A full range of soviet maps from the 1960s and 70s is available here. Just click on the location on the large scale map to load the detailed map.

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