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Enrolment posts for the Polish Army in southern USSR

Source: "W Sowieckim Osaczeniu" by Zbigniew S Siemaszko, Polska Fundacja Kulturalna, 1991.

Relocation of Polish Army Totskoye, Tatishchevo and Buzuluk to the south of Russia took place in January 1942.

The location of particular detachments was, as follows:

  • The HQ of the Army: Jangi-Yul, near Tashkent
  • 6th Infantry Division HQ in Shahriziab, 16th,17th &18th Rgts: Kitab, Jak-kabab & Chirakchi
  • 7th Infantry Division under Gen. Zygmunt Szyszko-Bogusz (22th & 23rd Rgts): Kermine on the railroad line Samarkanda-Buchara
  • 8th Infantry Division under Gen. Bronislaw Rakowski, (20th & 24th Rgts): Chok-Pak, north-east of Tashkent
  • 9th Infantry Division under Col. Marian Boleslawicz (25th & 26th Rgts): Margelan, east of Tashkent
  • 10 Infantry Division under Col. Alfred Schmidt (27th & 28th Rgts): Lugovaja in southern Kazakhstan
  • Artillery Training Center: Kara-Su, near Dzalalabad, on the border of Uzbekistan and Kyrgystan
  • The Army & Sappers Training Center, under Gen Nikodem Sulik (he later was commander of the Kresowa Division): Wriewskaja, near Jangi-Jul
  • Panzer Arms Center (Osrodek Organizacyjny Broni Pancernej): Karabalty  in Kyrgystan
  • 1st Krechowiecki Lancers Rgt under Mjr. Kazimierz Zaorski: Otar in southern Kazakhstan
  • Army Organization Center (Osrodek Organizacyjny Armii) and 
  • PSK (Pomocnicza Sluzba Kobiet - Womens Auxilliary Corps) under Col. Leon Koc:  Guzar, between Buchara & Shahriziab
  • Signals Center, under Col. Jan Rozanski: Vielikaja Aleksiejevka and Pogran-Orlovskaja , south-west from Jangi-Lul.

Later on in Iraq, there was a complete reorganization, but this was the situation before evacuation to Persia


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