This is a retyped breakdown of Polish 2nd Corps taken from the story of the 2nd AGPA (Artillery Group Polish Army). 

This is a book all soldiers were given as a souvenir of their army days.
Anne Kaczanowski  2006

Getting the Polish Army into shape in the Middle East

 After a week recoup, they went to Tehran.

From there, they went through the mountains to Iraq. The first town was Khanaqin.  

From there, they went through Baghdad, through desert country to Jordan.

Now the division changes names…….

The 10th Med. Rgt. Polish Artillery was called to life in May of 1942, as the first "Medium" in the Middle East camp of Barbara (San Barbi) in Palestine. 

In the Middle East, under the command of Gen. Wladyslaw Anders, on 19 October 19 1942, the organic union under the name of "Heavy Artillery”, was formed.

The following year in March 1943, Heavy Artillery  would be transformed, and reorganized in the great artillery unit renamed: "Army Group Of Polish Military", (AGPA).

In June 1943, this force was redesignated "2nd Polish Corps".