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Kresy Family group

​​F A M I L Y   R E S E A R C H   L I N K S


Polish Institute & Sikorski Museum films

1944 Italy + Polish II Corps w/ General Sosnkowski 250171-08

Polish Women Troops (1943) British Pathé

Generał Władysław Anders

General Wladyslaw Anders speech

Polish Troops in Persia British Movietone

Poles in Persia (1943) British Pathé

The Lost Requiem (1983) A documentary film by Iranian filmmaker KHOSROW SINAI about Polish refugees in Iran during the Second World War

350 Polish refugees bid goodbye to their friends and relatives and leave Tehran for Palestine

Story of 700 Polish Children (1966) New Zealand National Film Unit presents Story of 700 Polish Children (1966)

Various deportation films

British Pathe Various archive films can be found in this archive 

Feature Films & Documentaries 

Polish Exiles of WW2 includes a list of 48 feature films and documentaries that include archival footage as well as interviews with survivors and veterans.


An extensive collection of photographs from military and refugee war time experiences  are also available on the on Polish Exiles of WW2 site
Complete collection of images from the Sikorski Museum of London. 1944-1946 2nd Polish Corps in the Marche Region, Italy.  7727 images

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