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As a result of the misfortunes of war, which began with expulsion into the heart of Russia, over 5,000 Poles found themselves in India, where they remained for more than seven years.

C I V I L I A N   L I F E   F O L L O W I N G   D E P A R T U R E   F R O M   S I B E R I A


Balachadi, Jamnagar

Before the war, all that most Poles knew about India was limited to exotic fables such as the „Indian Tomb” a popular film of the time, and stories about snake charmers and tiger hunting.

The Polish Children’s Camp in Jamnagar, administered by Mgr. Franciszek Pluta, was home to about 800 children and their care-givers at any one time. About 1,000 children found a home here throughout the lifetime of the camp. There was an elementary school and a Secondary School in Balachadi.

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Balachadi, Jamnagar 1942-1946

Balachadi, Jamnagar 1942-1946

Balachadi, Jamnagar 1943

Balachadi, Jamnagar 1942-1946