F A M I L Y   R E S E A R C H   L I N K S

Lists of Deceased and Cemeteries

Lists of those murdered in Katyń and elsewhere

This site contains links to various documents listing those murdered in 1940 in Katyń, Miednoje, Charków and Bykowina go to the site here.

Ukrainian list, Byelorussian list, Charkow list, Partial Kozielsk list, Katyn list of Posthumous promotions. 

List of soldiers of the Polish armed forces deceased overseas between 1939-1946

Wykaz poległych i zmarłych żołnierzy Polskich Sił Zbrojnych na obczyźnie 1939-1946

Published by the Polish Historical Institute named after General Sikorski, London 1952. Copy of this list is available in the Sikorski Institute. Once downloaded (large file), it can be searched. Get the list here. 

Cemeteries in Persia/Iran

A very comprehensive article about cemeteries in Iran is published here

List of Polish cemeteries in Iran on the Polish Embassy site

List of graves at the Dulab cemetery in Teheran

Other lists of cemeteries on the Polish Exiles of WWII site

Cemeteries in Italy
This site has information, including lists of graves, at the Polish military cemeteries in Italy including Bologna, Casamassima, Loreto and Monte Cassino.

Cemeteries in Israel

Cemeteries in India

Work in progress

Cemeteries in Africa
The Polish Pedagogical University in Krakow has been restoring and researching the graves of the civilians who died whilst in refugee camps in Africa. This site provides lists of the graves in the various locations in Africa.

Polish military cemeteries in the UK

This site has a very useful list of cemeteries in the UK

Polish Exiles of WWII - military cemeteries

Polish Exiles of WWII - civilian cemeteries

Searchable database of details collected from obituaries in Poland and abroad, up to the present. Useful for finding relatives lost during and after the war http://www.nekrologi-baza.pl/

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