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Post-War Archives

UK Resettlement Camps
This fantastic site describes life in the UK refugee camps. It also contains lists of ships bringing refugees from India and Africa to the UK.  Access the site here.

Use Google to search the site. Eg to find the name Kowal, just enter the following text into Google.

The Passenger lists are available here.

London Gazette

Naturalisation applications are publicized in the London Gazette, so could provide useful information on poles settled in the UK. Search the site here.

British National Archives
Contain original UK government records. Also have some detailed records on some individuals seeking naturalisation. Search the site here.

UK Births, Marriages and Deaths
FreeBMD contains records of Births, Marriages and Deaths in the UK. Useful for searching for family records. Go to “Search” and select “All Types”, “All Districts” and “All Counties” to search full archive for names. Access the site here.

Australian National Archives

Canadian National Archives

US National Archives

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