​​​​​​T H E   H I S T O R Y    O F   K R E S Y
Osady - Military Settlements 1921-1940​​​

Translation from the book  
Z Kresów Wschodnich R.P. Wspomnienia z Osad Wojskowych 1921-1940 
(From: The Eastern Borderlands of Poland, Memories of Military Settlements 1921-1940)
Pub: Ognisko Rodzin Osadników Kresowych (OROK)

         (Association of the Families of the Borderland Settlers) 
London, UK. 1992 and 1998 (out of print)
ISBN 1 872286 33 X 

Province (Województwo) WOŁYŃ


Powiat Sarny

The military settlers that I remember are as follows: Antoni Wysocki – who was Chief of Police in Lwów; the Rose family –who lived in Warsaw but rented their property to Maluchnik; Hoffman – who rented out his property; Antoni Wizgird – after the death of my father in 1932 our property was rented out to Kasprzak; Stawarz rented both the Misztela and Berezowski properties; Kałkowski – but I am not sure of his christian name; Piotr Michalski and Edward Zielonka who worked in KKO [Ed. note: Komunalna Kasa Oszczędności - Municipal Savings Bank];  Wawrzyński and Giluk who worked as a cashier for Kasa Stefczyka [Ed. note: National Farmer’s Cooperative Bank founded by Franciszek Stefczyk]; Franciszek Michalski; Zawada who worked in Wiązowski’s cinema; Niemczycki who worked in forestry; Niemczycki who rented Kaczanowski’s property; Wolk (?);  Hipolit Rogulski.

There was a Village Homemakers Circle on the settlement that put on various events, such as a harvest celebration or national dance performances in the village of Sarny.  Before deportation to Russia the following escaped:  Mr. and Mrs. Rogulski, Mrs. Wysocki with children and the Zielonek family.  Niemczycki, with his son Tadeusz, managed to leave Sarny just before the Bolsheviks crossed the border.  My mother,  Bronisława Wizgird, and I escaped from Sarny to Warsaw in November 1939 where we lived during the occupation and the Warsaw Uprising.