​​​​​​​​​​​T H E   H I S T O R Y    O F   K R E S Y
Osady - Military Settlements 1921-1940​​​

Translation from the book  
Z Kresów Wschodnich R.P. Wspomnienia z Osad Wojskowych 1921-1940 
(From: The Eastern Borderlands of Poland, Memories of Military Settlements 1921-1940)
Pub: Ognisko Rodzin Osadników Kresowych (OROK)

          (Association of the Families of the Borderland Settlers) 
London, UK. 1992 and 1998
ISBN 1 872286 33 X 

Province (Województwo) WOŁYŃ


Postal District (poczta) Tuczyn 
District (Powiat) Równe

I am providing a brief history of my family, one of 50 military settler families who took up residence at Hallerowo settlement. I am the daughter of a military settler, Feliks Bronowicki, who was decorated in the First World War with the Virtuti Militari 5th Class and who died in the settlement in 1931 after a long illness caused by a serious injury during the war, and of Aniela nee Marcinkowska. I am one of nine children.

Ill fate scattered us like leaves around the world, just as it did many other Polish families from eastern Poland. Only now, at get-togethers, do the memories of childhood and teenage years come back like an echo, or when watching over our brave, caring and much-loved Mother.

Our siblings’ childhood games were played together and as we grew up our great plans for the future were all interrupted by the war and the forced transportation to the taigas of Archangelsk, from where seven of us returned, scattered about the continents of the world. We went through all kinds of experiences.

Below is the “Endowment Deed” for my father’s plot of land.

This endowment deed hereby constitutes title of property for Feliks Bronowicki whereby the County Endowment Committee in Rowne does permit that Feliks Bronowicki be unilaterally granted title of ownership in the name of the Treasury of the Polish Government to the plot delineated in the above Land Registry [... etc. etc. legal terminology referring to “Plot No 6963”, “adjudication dated 10 January 1922 No 39 section 5 and certification protocol dated 20 June 1922.

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