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L I F E   O F  C I V I L I A N S

F O L L O W I N G   D E P A R T U R E   F R O M   S I B E R I A


Approximately 20,000 Poles reached the British colonies in Africa. Most of them were women, children and men unfit for military service. In total, 22 Polish settlements were established; most of them consisted of several thousand residents.

Polish schools, churches, cemeteries, hospitals, civic centers, and manufacturing and service cooperatives were founded and Polish culture prospered. African radio stations ran programs in the Polish language and there was even a Polish press. In South Africa alone, there were 18 Polish schools with about 1,800 students in attendance. 

 In mid-1944, East Africa hosted over 13,000 Polish citizens.

  • Tengeru 
  • Kondoa
  • Ifunda
  • Kidugala
  • Morogoro

  • Masindi
  • Koja

  • Rongai
  • Manira
  • Makindu

  • Nyali

Southern Rhodesia
  • Digglefold
  • Marandellas
  • Rusape
  • Gatooma

Northern Rhodesia
  • Lusaka
  • Bwana M’kubwa
  • Abercorn
  • Fort Jameson
  • Livingstone
  • Mufuliera

South Africa
  • Oudtshoorn

When SA took in 500 Polish Orphans

​Personal Memories
Agnieszka Borsuk (nee Lichwa)    Tengeru

Helena Kalicki (nee Miluk) - Masindi