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Commemoration of the 81st Anniversary of the Deportations from Kresy to Siberia

The worldwide circumstances in 2020 and 2021 have prevented the anniversary being commemorated as in past years with a meeting of friends and supporters in London.  Instead it took place on the internet via Zoom on Saturday 6 February 2021.  This departure enabled connection with friends and supporters not only within reach of London but across the UK, Europe and the world, able for the first time to share together a varied programme.

A recording of the event is now available for viewing on YouTube using the following link:-

****** https://youtu.be/oZ5oOGwxN4A *****

The programme featured

Leokadia Majewicz 
survivor, speaker and author. Leokadia gave a talk about her childhood recollections of life in pre-war Polish Kresy, her deportation, life in Siberia and what happened after.

Jadwiga Słomka
Freelance mezzo, classical singer and the Musical Director for the London-based Polish folk dance company 'Mazury'. Jadwiga sang a programme of favourite and forgotten Polish songs.

Maryla Kolendo
Piano accompanist, music teacher who has previously worked with ‘Mazury' for many, many years as Musical Director.

Martin Stepek 
Polish/Scottish mindfulness teacher and campaigner, poet and author. Martin will recite a selection of his own poetry. This story is dear to his heart and inspires his poetry.

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22 May 2021

As part of Polish Heritage Day 2021, Kresy Family held the first of two webinars to help people trace the wartime experiences of their families and friends deported from Kresy to slave camps in the USSR.  

A recording of the webinar is available for viewing on YouTube by clicking this link.

The presentation by Marysia Suchcitz and Janusz Zajączkowski was followed by a  Q&A a transcript of which can be viewed here.

19th June 2021

The second webinar to help people trace the wartime experiences of their families and friends covering the period after the "amnesty" - escape from USSR.  A link to the recording of the event is available on YouTube from this link.