A  R  T  S

written by Martin Stepek

For Dad, Zosia and Danka            adapted 20/3/17, originally written 4/10/15

I have heard
all of your memories now
in shocked silence

I know little
I understand at some level
but will never really understand

May you live with strength and good health
for many years yet

May we love you dearly
and may our children love you even more
we who are honoured by our entwined connection with you.

When the time comes

that Fate’s good grace falls on you
and takes you to beyond life
may you be greeted
at Heaven’s gate
with your father Wladyslaw
and your mother Janina
there waiting for you

May you rest in the peace of everlasting life
and may Heaven feel like Maczkowce
in the Summer just before harvest.

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