The Polish soldiers, after evacuating from Russia to Persia (now Iran) and undergoing health rehabilitation following their ordeal in the Russian camps, entered the war in the West fighting alongside the Allies on all fronts — land, sea and air. And so it was that my sister, Nadzieja, (the name means Hope) became a nurse helping to look after the sick and then wounded as she became part of the 2nd Polish Corps under General Anders. My brother, Alfons, also became a soldier in the 2nd Corps and fought in the North African Campaign, and then in the Italian Campaign, taking part in the assault on Monte Cassino. My father, after joining the Polish Army in Russia, was shipped round South Africa to Dalkeith in Scotland, where the 1st Polish Armoured Division was formed under General Maczek, and he fought in the Continental Campaign. He was wounded in Germany. My brother, Gustaf, joined the newly-forming cadets in Tehran, and was transferred to Palestine and then Egypt. At this time then, we were scattered over three continents and it took a long time, through the Red Cross, before we made contact with each other.

Helena Kalicki
2. Arrest
3. Deportation
4. Siberia
5. "Amnesty"
7. Evacuation
10. Civilian Life
11. Life after the War